Pinot Noir

Thevenet & Fils Bussières Les Clos Bourgogne 2013

  • Release Date: April 30, 2016
  • 750 mL bottle
  • Alcohol/Vol 13.0%
  • Made in: Burgundy, France
  • By: Terroirs Originels
  • Sugar Content: 7 g/L
  • Sweetness Descriptor: XD – Extra Dry
  • Style: Medium-bodied & Fruity


The ubiquitous value Bourgogne Rouge, Thevenet’s is one of the most widely available of the wines we chose, and for good reason … it’s got that nearly jammy berry fruit, touch of earth and funk and plenty of acidity … (Tasting panel,, Dec. 14, 2015)

Burgundy is the home of Pinot Noir, a place where the grapes are most suited to the terroir. The Romans were growing grapes here in 52 BC. After the fall of Rome, two monastic orders, Cîteaux and Cluny helped spread vine cultivation: the Benedictine monks of Cluny introduced the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes to the region and built a reputation for great wines. There are many different soils and micro-climates in Burgundy, that were identified over the centuries for the unique flavours each produced in the wine.

This Pinot Noir comes from an area near the town of Mâcon. Chardonnay and Gamay are grown in the area as well, but the best plots are reserved for Pinot Noir (Bourgogne Rouge). The wine is 100% estate grown and bottled. Production is limited and the priority is the preservation of the Terroir. Founded in 1952, the estate is now run by three brothers, Benjamin, Jonathan and Aurélien Thévenet. They produce in the spirit as their ancestors an exceptional Pinot Noir on the terroir of Bussièrres, northwest of Mâcon where red wines are rare. This clos (a field surrounded by a stone fence) is perfect for fashioning a complex floral, yet earthy wine.

This wine is a nice ruby-cherry colour with a nose of liquorice and red berries. The palate is round and smooth with roasted mushroom and mocha notes. The Bourgognes rouges have an elegant and refined character as well as a light and fluid structure in the mouth. They therefore go with rather delicate dishes that are to some degree aromatic – vegetable salads, meat or poultry tarts, or simmered beef and vegetables (pot-au-feu). Moreover, their delicacy makes them a perfect choice for those who like red wine with fish. Their natural elegance predisposes them towards veal, cold tabbouleh, or hard cheeses like Gouda.

(Chef Daniel Gilbert – Carriage Trade Wines & Spirits)

Food Pairings

One of Chef Daniel Gilbert’s special skills is the pairing of great wines with great food. Today we are adding another pairing to inspire your palate and excite your taste buds: wine paired with cheese. La Jolie Cheese Shop in Aurora has graciously agreed to share their expertise with you and with us.
Jane Kemp and Michael Welsh opened La Jolie Cheese Shop in November 2014. If you enjoy fine cheeses from Canada and around the world, you will love their offerings.

The first cheese they have selected is a Riopelle, which we will pair with our recently released red burgundy Thevénet & Fils Bussières Les Clos Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2013.

Riopelle is one of Quebec’s most famous artisanal cheeses, produced by Fromagerie Île-aux-Grues situated on the island of Île-aux-Grues, one of several islands forming an archipelago in the St Lawrence just east of Quebec City. A relatively new cheese, it was first created in 2002 and dedicated in name to the famous Canadian artist Jean-Paul-Riopelle who lived on the island and was very much attached to the rural lifestyle there. In 2004 it was named Champion in the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix.

Riopelle is a soft “brie-style” triple cream cheese. It is aged for only 60 days, during which time it develops a lovely textured white bloomy rind and a rich creamy, slightly melting interior. The aroma is of cream and earth that gives way to a delicate, buttery flavor with generous nuances of hazelnut and mushroom. The taste coats the tongue where the marriage with Thevénet & Fils Bussières Les Clos Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2013 heightens the complexity of both. The combination of this wine with Riopelle cheese is a match made in heaven. A little of this creamy cheese and a sip of this pinot noir and you can savour an essence of white truffles.

You can find the Riopelle at La Jolie Cheese Shop at Unit 9, 2 Orchard Heights Blvd, Aurora, ON L4G 3W3 (905) 727-2772 10AM-7PM

The wine, of course, you can find at the LCBO.


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